Monday, October 21, 2019
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All sterilization techniques should be considered permanent. Therefore, patients should only consider sterilization as a birth control option when they are certain that they do not wish to have any future children. If you have any doubt that you might want children in the future, you should not consider sterilization!
Please note that sterilizations do not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Proper protection against STDs must be used after sterilization. More...
In-Office Surgeries
Family Planning Center provides the following in-office surgeries: Biopsy, Cryosurgery, L.E.E.P., Circumcision, and Vasectomy.
There are several reasons why patients prefer to have surgeries at Family Planning Center instead of hospitals or other clinics. For example, some patients prefer our private location and smaller home-like setting because it ensures added privacy. Others appreciate our lower costs and special discounts. But almost all of our patients enjoy interacting with our caring, experienced, and personal staff that do 'the little things' to help you to feel welcome and well cared for. More...
A vasectomy is a permanent sterilization method for adult males. The 40-minute surgical procedure involves excising and cauterizing the vas deferens tube segments to prevent sperm from traveling into the prostate.
Family Planning Center provides vasectomies to competent adult males seeking permanent sterilization. The 40-minute surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia; however, Family Planning Center offers the patient the option to have additional IV sedation. Family Planning Center also allows the patient to have a partner, friend, or parent present throughout the surgery. More...
Sterilization Reversal
Sterilizations have been performed for over a century with the first reported successful vasectomy reversal in 1902. More modern sterilization reversal techniques began around 1948 with a success rate of 30% - 40%. Today, sterilization reversals are much more accurate mostly because of microsurgical technique.
Family Planning Center does not provide sterilization reversals. However, if you have had a sterilization and are considering a reversal, we provide information in the following. More...