Saturday, July 20, 2019
Step 2: Know What you Are Eating - Get Healthy

by: Dr. Randall Whitney, M.D.
The most common problem with what people eat is they don't know what they are eating.
Here's a one-page explanation that will simplify thing for you.
There are different views on what the 'food groups' are, but all food is made up of only three possible types: Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates.

All-protein diets can be dangerous, but every meal should contain a significant percentage of protein.

Fats & simple carbohydrates are to be avoided as much as possible. So first, you must know the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates (or carbs)
Carbohydrates can be divided into 4 groups:

1. Simple carbs
All sugars in any form (honey, maple syrup, etc.). Nearly all juices are loaded with sugar ! Many cereals are sugared. So-called “sugar-free” syrups have an alcohol-sugar for sweetener or use one of 3 popular sweeteners (of these, the best by far is Splenda, a modified natural sugar which has too large a molecule to be “digested” & so passes out the gut without absorption). If you have a “sweet tooth”, I recommend any Splenda-added product, such as Publix diet 2- liter drinks, some “diet” ice creams, many teas (such as Arizona antioxidant green tea by the gallon), Lipton green (citrus-flavor) & white teas. There are low calorie candies made with Splenda also, and, because it is a sugar, can be used in baking cakes, cookies, etc

2. Roughage
Included are vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, spinach,
broccoli, lettuce, carrots, radishes, tomatoes. These you can have in unlimited
amounts. They provide good fiber, low calories & balance to a meal.

3. Starches
Often a “problem” to big eaters. These are mainly potatoes, corn,
pastas, rice, cereals, & breads. Pizza is a major “food” today: high in fat ( cheese,
sausage, pepperoni, etc.).
Today, we have too many fat children on high calorie “fast foods” & unbalanced
diets. Diabetes & premature death are inevitable. Watch out for “snacks” too: if
you must, best are pop corn (no butter, but there are buttery sprays {ie: Olivio}
which have neither calories nor cholesterol), veggies, & baked chips.

4. Fruits
THese are basically in the sugars section. Canned fruits all have some sugar ( light
syrup best ) & dried fruits are high calorie! A valuable source of vitamins, esp. C.

B. Fats

Fats have about 9 calories/ gram, compared to 4-41/2 /gram of the other 2 groups, & are either vegetable or animal. All animal fats have cholesterol—for most of us, a high cholesterol diet can lead to premature poor cardiovascular health & death. Your blood test will help us understand whether you need help here. Animal foods hi in cholesterol include cheeses (feta, or goat cheese, is probably the best for nutrition), egg yolks, red meats, bacon, organ meats (kidney, liver, etc,), & whole milk. Vegetable oils, such as avocado and corn, have no cholesterol but more calories per gram than proteins or carbohydrates.

C. Proteins
Proteins, the third group, are necessary as digestible amino acids for muscle & other tissues. Unless you are a vegetarian, you should have at least one meat or seafood each day. (Vegetarians can have a healthy diet but must be careful to get enough veggie proteins). I recommend egg whites (angel food cake is a good, light dessert), non-fat dry milk powder (look for 20 qt boxes) which can be reconstituted with water into a good-tasting liquid milk, yogurts, good bacterial “activias” (for bowel stability), soy products (for the male only, too much soy may cause “brain atrophy” as seen with an MRI; practical consequences to be determined), chicken & turkey (without the skin), pork loin (not chops), & any seafood (preferably baked or broiled). Another great food supplement is a South American Chia seed—(also known as Salvia). It is high in fiber, antioxidants, and protein of higher quality than soy. Sold by the pound, one can get a good price thru or 1-800-645-1030. With 30 servings @ about 70 calories each, the seed can be sprinkled onto salads, cereals, or any cooked veggies and has a “nutty” taste. Try it!