Saturday, August 17, 2019
Weight Loss Program Components

Please read this first.
Your success at losing weight and your health depend on you being able to understand what the doctor explains on this page.
1. Use a Positive Attitude
The way to start improving your life is by dealing with stresses & habits which are negative to success.

2. Know what you are eating
Understanding that there are three kinds of foods is the key to eating right.

3. Do a Bit of Excercise
Physical exercise is part of being human.
lose weight by increasing your metabolism
get a daily sense of accomplishment
gain muscle-tone to really 'shape-up'
get healthy and live a more enjoyable life

Some additional notes:
donít eat a large meal, then go to bed (will store as fat)
chew sugarless gum
watch the caffeine! Prefer none 8 hours before sleep. Too much can block weight loss.
Watch the alcohol! Turns into sugar in the gut and can cause obesity. O.K. for a little red wine in the evening.

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