Monday, October 21, 2019
QS and Tubal Pregnancy

Is a tubal pregnancy possible after QS?
Although it is rare, a tubal pregnancy (a pregnancy which occurs outside of the uterus) is possible after QS (as it is also possible with most other contraceptive methods). QS does not cause tubal pregnancies, it just cannot prevent them. The tubal pregnancy rate with QS is lower than the rate in women who do not use contraception.
Tubal pregnancies are very dangerous. In some countries, 1 out of 20 women with a tubal pregnancy dies. If a woman believes she is pregnant and has any of these signs, she should contact her provider right away:

A missed period

Severe pain in the lower abdominal area, or shoulder pain

Dizziness, fainting, or weakness

****l bleeding other than a normal menstrual period