Monday, October 21, 2019
Step 1: Have a Positive Attitude - Lose Weight

by: Dr. Randall Whitney, M.D.
The right mindset is everything!
The way to start improving your life is by dealing with stresses & habits which are negative to success.

You desire some weight loss to achieve a more attractive appearance. How did you get to this unwanted condition? You might agree it was easy, & often involves a number of unconscious emotional factors and/or habits. First, I would encourage you to accept responsibility for your excess weight: don’t blame events or circumstances or other people for your problem. Next, I urge you to take a positive attitude- a “can-do” approach to your effort-- & be reasonable with your goals. I will give you an excellent medication to help suppress appetite, but be assured this is only a small part of any success you will achieve.

Realistically, this is not a “diet”! It involves a change-of-life pattern which basically includes a simple mathematical formula: fewer calories IN than calories BURNED by your body. The difference will be made up by using or metabolizing body fat. In so doing, you will create acid by-products which could harm you (like the “ketosis” a diabetic without needed insulin develops). Slow weight loss (less than 2-3#/ week) will not be a problem usually, but part of the program includes a higher than normal, non-caloric fluids intake daily especially in hot weather & with sweating. And particularly with meals, which should be regularly taken (if possible), with time to relax & chew thoroughly; extra fluids then will allow you to become “full” with less food (calories). For non-breakfast people who work, try a small glass of juice + ˝ toasted bagel with non-fat creamed cheese.

Buy a non-digital bathroom scale--& use it ! Weigh with no or minimal clothing each time. If you are one who gains a few pounds going into the “period” (water retention), avoid table salt and substitute with a “no-salt” instead. If you are in your forties or older, significant weight loss may leave unwanted “wrinkles” or loose flesh & skin. Dealing with this is another issue. We will inventory your general health status and ask you to have a blood cholesterol profile; also maybe a liver profile if you have been a steady or “serious” alcoholic drinker.