Monday, October 21, 2019
Sterilization Reversal

Sterilizations have been performed for over a century with the first reported successful vasectomy reversal in 1902. More modern sterilization reversal techniques began around 1948 with a success rate of 30% - 40%. Today, sterilization reversals are much more accurate mostly because of microsurgical technique.
Family Planning Center does not provide sterilization reversals. However, if you have had a sterilization and are considering a reversal, we provide information in the following.
There are several reasons why patients decide to reverse sterilization, which include remarriage, religious reasons, moral reasons, physical reasons, and increased financial status thus allowing a couple to afford a larger family.

Although vasectomy and tubal reversals are both complicated, physicians agree that tubal reversals are far more difficult and less successful. Both procedures require reconstruction and reattachment of very minute and delicate layers within the reproductive tubes.

Vasectomy reversals take longer than a vasectomy. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Patients are released from the surgery clinic the day of the surgery and can expect to experience a small amount of additional discomfort compared to that which they experienced from their vasectomies. Swelling and discomfort should disappear within 3-5 days and patients should be able to return to light activity within 7-10 days.

Tubal reversals are only performed on women who are hormonally and physiologically able to conceive. The procedure is done on an inpatient basis and under general anesthesia by a Plastic Surgeon who works in conjunction with a certified Gynecologist. There are numerous complications that can arise from the surgery, which directly affect patients' recovery time. However, patients can typically expect to return to light work within one week and unrestricted normal activity within 4-6 weeks.

For more information about sterilization reversals, Family Planning Center recommends that you contact:

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