Monday, June 24, 2019
Quinacrine Sterilization Side Effects

Reports show that nearly half of all women who undergo Quinacrine Sterilization experience at least one side effect. Side effects after QS are common; however, they are usually minor, temporary, and easily managed.
It is extremely important for the patient to know about the possible side effects before deciding to have the procedure, so she will know what to expect and can make a fully informed choice.

The following table lists the most common side effects that patients experienced and the frequency in which they occurred.



lower abdominal pain 9 to 25
headache and dizziness 9 to 20
backache 1 to 21
yellow discharge or spotting 5 to 16

These side effects usually last for a few days. If the patient experiences any of these side effects after QS, she should contact her health care provider for treatment.

Some patients from other studies experienced menstrual changes after the insertions. Patients who had menstrual changes following their QS procedure experienced one or more of the following:

  • Missed periods
  • A change in the flow of their period
  • A change in the duration of their periods

These changes usually last for a few months; however, in rare cases, they can last for one or more years.