Monday, October 21, 2019
Weight Loss Program
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Weight Loss Program Components
Please read this first.
Your success at losing weight and your health depend on you being able to understand what the doctor explains on this page. More...
Step 1: Have a Positive Attitude - Lose Weight
by: Dr. Randall Whitney, M.D.
The right mindset is everything!
The way to start improving your life is by dealing with stresses & habits which are negative to success. More...
Step 2: Know What you Are Eating - Get Healthy
by: Dr. Randall Whitney, M.D.
The most common problem with what people eat is they don't know what they are eating.
Here's a one-page explanation that will simplify thing for you. More...
Step 3: Do A Bit of Excercise - Feel Better
by: Dr. Randall Whitney, M.D.
Physical exercise is part of being a healthy human.
Start with a little every day. In the long run, you not only feel better because you look good, you will be proud that you worked for it one day at a time. More...