Monday, October 21, 2019
In-Office Surgeries
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In-Office Surgeries
Family Planning Center provides the following in-office surgeries: Biopsy, Cryosurgery, L.E.E.P., Circumcision, and Vasectomy.
There are several reasons why patients prefer to have surgeries at Family Planning Center instead of hospitals or other clinics. For example, some patients prefer our private location and smaller home-like setting because it ensures added privacy. Others appreciate our lower costs and special discounts. But almost all of our patients enjoy interacting with our caring, experienced, and personal staff that do 'the little things' to help you to feel welcome and well cared for. More...
Biopsies are samples of tissue that a physician takes for laboratory analysis.
There are numerous reasons why your doctor might want to take a biopsy, but the most common is to analyze abnormal cell growth. When a biopsy is taken, the doctor will normally administers a local anesthetic and then excises the tissue. More...
Cryosurgery is the process of freezing tissue to stop abnormal cell growth. The abnormal cell growth can vary from a simple case of warts to a moderate case of cancer.
The cervix is frozen using a cryoprobe that conducts a continuous flow of liquid nitrogen. No anesthesia is necessary. More...
Circumcisions are a time-honored ritual throughout many cultures and religions. (For example, they are considered to be a religious rite in Judaism.) Many advocates believe that circumcisions promote cleanliness and a lower incidence of penile cancer and disease.
Many hospitals often discharge newborn infants uncircumcised. Some return for a more expensive surgical circumcision months or years later. Family Planning Center performs in-office circumcisions for infants, teens, and adults. More...
Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (L.E.E.P.), also known as Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone (LLETZ) is a 10-minute surgical procedure that removes pre-cancerous uterine cervical tissue.
The procedure is typically done with only a local anesthetic; however, patients may opt to have a "twilight" IV sedation. More...
A vasectomy is a permanent sterilization method for adult males. The 40-minute surgical procedure involves excising and cauterizing the vas deferens tube segments to prevent sperm from traveling into the prostate.
Family Planning Center provides vasectomies to competent adult males seeking permanent sterilization. The 40-minute surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia; however, Family Planning Center offers the patient the option to have additional IV sedation. Family Planning Center also allows the patient to have a partner, friend, or parent present throughout the surgery. More...
In addition to our fair and competitive prices, Family Planning Center offers discounts to patients who are students, senior citizens, or individuals receiving Medicaid.
Please call our office for more details about these discounts. More...